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August 24th Sermon Plus+

Last week we saw the destructive nature of pride from James 4. We saw that arrogance damages our relationships, and leads us to much frustration that stems from presumption. If you missed the sermon you can listen to it here. Here are a couple of resources to help you keep the conversation going on this…

Sermon Plus+.001

August 17th Sermon Plus+

Resource Paul Tripp offers us some outstanding content on better understanding the power of the tongue. He has written an entire book on the topic. He delivered a sermon on the tongue at the 2008 Desiring God conference (The power of words and the wonder of God). As Mark showed us last Sunday, James 3…

Sermon Plus+.001

August 10th Sermon Plus+

Recommended Resource There are many difficult ethical questions in the Old Testament, such as the one concerning Abraham offering Isaac that was mentioned in yesterday’s sermon. One book that addresses many of these issues is: Is God A Moral Monster? You can buy the book here. Q & A :00 – What do we make of God’s…


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