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March 22nd Sermon Plus+

“The Sabbath observance now demanded of the community is diligence to enter God’s rest through the exercise of faith in the word of promise and the response of obedience to the voice of God in Scripture.” (William Lane, Word Biblical Commentary Hebrews 1-8, p. 102) In today’s Sermon Plus+ we address the issue of life rhythms. Is…


Preparing for the Sunday Gathering

Here’s a song that we plan to learn this Sunday. Come ready to praise our God together, the only One who can give new life! You Brought Me Back To Life (Citizens & Saints) I wandered through the darkness, wasting away My soul was cold and hopeless, dead in the grave And like a river of life…

Sermon Plus+.001

March 15th Sermon Plus+

Today’s Sermon Plus+ includes a couple of resources to help you better apply the Sunday sermon on work. If you missed the sermon, you can listen to it here. 1. Audio Q&A :00 – How does the mandate to work mesh with the mandate to make disciples? 9:30 – How can Christians better handle the…


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