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Sermon Plus+.001

June 28th Sermon Plus+

In today’s Sermon Plus+ we discuss how to evaluate whether or not we are living on mission, or are we being distracted by the world. We also talk about what it means to be a distinct people.

Sermon Plus+.001

May 24th Sermon Plus+

In today’s Sermon Plus+ we discuss further the topic of sexuality. What should we expect our experience to be in a world that moves further away from the Biblical view of marriage? Also, how should we recognize and respond to sexual temptation as it is presented through entertainment?

Meet The Farmers

We are excited to welcome Jeremy and Bonnie Ruth Farmer and their children to Trinity this Sunday. The Farmers have been serving in Cambodia for the last four years. In this interview, Jeremy introduces us to his family, talks about their ministry in Cambodia, and encourages us to participate in God’s mission.


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