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May 15th – Sermon Plus+

Sermon Review We began yesterday be considering the fact that the Psalms are a collection of songs and poems. It’s an anthology of trust and praise for the people of God. You could say that the Psalms provide the soundtrack that plays under the storyline of the Bible. In these songs we see truth emotionally…

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May 15th – Preparing For Sunday

Sermon Preview This Sunday we are going to continue in the book of Psalms, specifically Psalms 40-41. But before we get into those particular Psalms we’re going to take some time to address some background information on the whole book. Why do the Psalms appear in the order they do? How should we understand them…

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May 8th – Sermon Plus+

Sermon Recap: On Sunday we turned our attention from the story of Jacob to the Psalms.  Specifically we looked at Psalms 22-24.  We began our study by noting that after His resurrection Jesus showed His disciples from the OT truths regarding his death, resurrection, ascension, and the proclamation of His name to all the nations. …


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