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Sermon Plus+.001

October 5th Sermon Plus+

Today’s Sermon Plus+ is a two-part discussion on the person of Jesus Christ. :00 – What are the implications of Jesus’ humanity? 20:10 – What do we mean when we say that God is a Trinity? In the discussion we reference a book on the topic of love expressed between the members of the Trinity….

Sermon Plus+.001

September 21st Sermon Plus+

:00 – How do we understand the personal nature of justification? 14:00 – How do we press on in justification?


Christianity Explored Course

We are excited to offer a new course to help clarify and explain what Christianity is all about. The course is called Christianity Explored. It’s a seven week course that walks through the gospel of Mark. In this course you will have the opportunity to investigate Christianity directly from the life of Jesus as we…


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