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July 10th – Sermon Plus+

Sermon Summary Last Sunday Chris Lindsay preached to us concerning Jesus’s Beatitude “Blessed are the meek for they shall inherit the earth.”  He provided some rich, necessary background context, which gave us insight into what meekness is and how it can be misunderstood.  In Jesus’s day there were four (at least) groups who were seeking…

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June 26th – Sermon Plus+

Sermon Summary Perhaps the most famous speech in all of human history is the one delivered by Jesus himself in Matthew 5-7. This is referred to as the sermon on the mount. Whether you’re a Christian or not, the sermon on the mount is extremely well known. This sermon begins with “The Beatitudes” which give…

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June 19th – Sermon Plus+

Sermon Summary Big Idea: The Father has declared His Son, Jesus Christ, King of the nations. How do you relate to the authority God has placed in your life?  Are you irritated by people who hold power over you?  What should we do with these feelings that run deep, sometimes in a hurry?  In Psalm 2,…


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