Who We Are

What does it mean to follow Jesus? This can be a confusing and overwhelming question to answer. What does God expect from me? How can I know if I’m growing as a Christian? What is discipleship all about?

At Trinity, we emphasize three core identities of a growing Christian. These identities rest at the core of who we are as followers of Jesus. So as we all come together on Sunday mornings or gather in Gospel Communities, we do so to highlight, realize, and grow in these core identities.


To follow Jesus means to be in his family. Christians share God as our true father, making us brothers and sisters to one another. We belong to one another. A growing, healthy member of a church means that you are an active member of the family, loving and serving your brothers and sisters in the body.


To follow Jesus means that you are a learner. God has revealed Himself and those who seek to honor Him are in continual pursuit of Him. We value the Bible because through it we can know God as He has revealed Himself. A growing disciple of Jesus is someone who hungers to know Him more fully.


To follow Jesus means that you live for others as a servant-missionary. Jesus came into this world not to be served, but to serve. A growing disciple of Jesus means that you participate in his mission. Throughout the ages, God has consistently gathered people to Himself and then sent them out to live as a light to those in darkness.

These identities rest at the core of who we are as followers of Jesus. So as we all come together on Sunday mornings or gather in Gospel Communities, we do so to highlight, realize, and grow in these core identities.


Mike Osborne


Mike serves as the pastor for Preaching and Vision at Trinity Church. He moved to Delaware in 2007 to plant Trinity Church and has served it ever since.  He married his wife Julie in 2001 and has three daughters: Hannah, Karalyn, and Abby.  Mike also serves on the board for the Pregnancy Help Center of Kent County.  During the Spring you can find Mike on the sidelines as the coach for girls soccer at Smyrna High School.

Fran Lerro


Fran serves as a bi-vocational elder at Trinity Church.  He is also employed at Amazon. Fran has been married to Joann since 1976, and they have one son: Dan. Fran joined Mike and Dan on the pastoral team in 2010. Fran serves the church by providing oversight and care in a variety of contexts.

Chris Lindsay

Pastoral Assistant

Chris serves Trinity Church as a pastoral assistant.  He is involved in many areas of discipleship, music ministry, and support for the pastoral team.  He married Brianna in 2014 and they have one daughter, Kaiyah. Chris and Brianna reside in Dover where he teaches 7th grade English at Central Middle School.

Nick Richmond

Pastoral Assistant

Nick serves Trinity Church as a pastoral assistant. Nick leads our youth group, and is involved in various other areas of discipleship at Trinity. He was married to Lindsay in 2012 and they have one son, Caleb. Nick also serves as the state director for field ministry for the Fellowship of Christian Athletes.

The Story

The word “Gospel” means good news, and this news drives all that we do at Trinity.

We were created by God to worship Him alone and live for his glory. But we all fall short. We live for our own glory and we treasure and trust things that are not God alone. This separates us from God.

We tend to deal with this problem in one of two ways, we either turn away from God in rebellion or turn to ourselves in self-righteousness. But God provides a better way. The good news is that God sent his own Son, Jesus Christ, to be our redemption. He died and rose to rescue those who turn from their sin and trust in Him. As a redeemed people, we long for Renewal. The gospel brings healing, transformation, and life. This renewal is just a taste of the New Creation that is to come. We anticipate the day when Jesus will return to fix all that is wrong and to make all things new.

We were created for God’s glory, we fell, God redeems, we are being renewed. That’s the story! At Trinity, we exist to glorify God by making that story known. We invite you to come be a part of what God is doing.

Why We Exist

“We exist to glorify God together by declaring and demonstrating the gospel of Jesus Christ in the power of the Holy Spirt.”

We are here to glorify God. He is the creator and sustainer of everyone and everything and He has created everything for His own glory. So often we are tempted to glorify lesser things, or even seek glory for ourselves. At Trinity we love to call one another away from this empty pursuit, and instead glorify God and God alone. We’re not here to say that we’re great, we’re here to say that God is great!

We can glorify God as we participate on His mission. The gospel is the good news that while we were in our sin, Jesus came and lived the perfect life, died on the cross, and rose from the dead. Lost sinners can be reconciled to God by believing in the work of Jesus alone. We are called to make this gospel known with our words and with our actions. As we declare and demonstrate the message of the gospel, we desire to see men and women rescued from sin and its results, and then restored to God’s purpose of knowing and showing His greatness in every area of their lives.

We don’t seek to do this in our own strength, it must be done in the power of the Holy Spirit. The church is not a demonstration of what good people can do, it’s a demonstration about what God can do through broken and restored people. This results in God getting the glory for all that’s done.