We Are Family

One of the most precious and important realities in all of life is family. Family is crucial for knowing who we really are and where we came from. God designed the family to provide a sense of belonging and security, as well as the freedom to be ourselves while still being loved.

In Ephesians Paul tells us that the earthly family was designed this way in order to point to our ultimate, heavenly family. Through faith in the gospel of Christ we now enter God’s family!

We were outsiders and rebels, but by the grace of God we have been reconciled to God, adopted into His family, and become heirs with Christ. Nothing could be greater than this — to have God as our Father!

This identity of being God’s child, however, is not experienced in isolation – we are not the “only child”. We are adopted into the big family of God, sharing life with brothers and sister in the body. This is the church. What should this look like?

Of course, we will want to love one another – that’s what brother and sisters are supposed to do. We will share our space with one another, our resources, our meals, and our hearts. As families learn to submit and defer to one another; so, we will learn submit our desires to one another and defer to one another. This includes living out our family life in Christ with people who are different than us. The family of God is a diverse family, living in unity with one another.