Building Project

Project Summary

In January 2016, the membership of Trinity approved a plan to purchase 4 acres with the intent to build a building for our church family. The project consists of two phases.

Phase 1 – Save the funds to purchase the land and pay for the engineering costs. ($300,000)

  • 4 Acres @ $50,000/acre = $200,000
  • Engineering costs = $100,000

Phase 2 – Building construction (Details TBD)

Finish Phase 1 Report

Amount Raised: $251,761 (Through Nov 2018)

A permanent building serves as a HOME for congregational worship, A place where we can build rhythms of growth, mark milestones together, and invite others to hear the good news of the gospel.
This building is a place for us to gather together as family in order to be sent as servant-missionaries.

Renting often makes us invisible to those who live nearby. We want to do more than simply drop in on Sundays and use space. We want to be ROOTED in our town. A visible space can help us build a long-term relationship with our community.

A building that is designed for multi-purpose use can be a BLESSING to our town. It is an asset that we can offer to our community. We’re building a place where we can open our doors to welcome neighbors, host events, and show mercy.

A Place For Community

Since 2007, Trinity Church has made use of various rental spaces for our gatherings. God has been faithful to us, consistently providing places for us to meet. More importantly, the Lord has been faithfully building His church over these years. These 10+ years have illustrated this Biblical truth:

A church is not a building, it is a group of people united in Christ.

So this project is not about building a church. Jesus is the one that builds His church. This project is about building a place where the church community can consistently gather. We’re excited about this new opportunity for Trinity Church!

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