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What does it mean to be part of a Gospel Community? It means to join others as you seek to grow as a faithful follower of Jesus.

We are…

  1. Family – The Family Meal. At least once a month Gospel Communities gather together to eat, fellowship, and connect with each other. If we are going to grow together then we must know each other, and sharing a meal provides the best context for this.
  2. Learners – Growth Groups. These groups are smaller groups (usually 3-4 people) that meet regularly for Bible study, prayer, and accountability. Men meet with other men, and women with other women. These groups help participants to establish long term patterns of Bible Study and prayer.
  3. Servant Missionaries – Mission. Gospel Communities are regularly involved in sharing the gospel and serving others outside the group. Gospel Communities grow together as they organize themselves for service projects or outreach opportunities.

We have various groups that are spread throughout the area and we’d love to help you get connected.  If you need help getting started, please contact Dan Lerro. Dan is one of our pastors and he would be happy to help you find a Gospel Community.