October 5th Sermon Plus+

Today’s Sermon Plus+ is a two-part discussion on the person of Jesus Christ.

  • :00 – What are the implications of Jesus’ humanity?
  • 20:10 – What do we mean when we say that God is a Trinity?

In the discussion we reference a book on the topic of love expressed between the members of the Trinity. It’s called Delighting In The Trinity, and you can check it out here.

Songs From Sunday, October 5th

How Great You Are / How Great Is Our God / I Stand Amazed / Revelation Song / How Deep The Father’s Love For Us / 10,000 Reasons (Bless the Lord)

September 21st Sermon Plus+

  • :00 – How do we understand the personal nature of justification?
  • 14:00 – How do we press on in justification?

Christianity Explored Course

We are excited to offer a new course to help clarify and explain what Christianity is all about. The course is called Christianity Explored. It’s a seven week course that walks through the gospel of Mark. In this course you will have the opportunity to investigate Christianity directly from the life of Jesus as we explore His works and teachings from the book of Mark. The course is free and will meet on Monday evenings from 6:30-8pm, beginning on October 6th and continuing through November 17th. Location will be the Trinity office (8 S. Main St. in Smyrna). Childcare is not available.

Who Should Come?

If any of these statements describe you, then the Christianity Explored class is a great opportunity for you.

I am new to the church and I want to learn the basics.

I am not sure that I believe Christianity is true, but I want to hear what it’s all about.

I have been out of church for years and I am looking to get back in.

I’ve always known about Jesus, but I really want to take the next step.

I’ve been a Christian for a long time, but I want to review the foundations of Christianity.

What’s The Course Like?

The course is an informal time where a small group of people discuss the teachings of Jesus and ask questions concerning what they are learning. It’s an opportunity to get to know other people like you, ask questions, and study the Bible together. The course meets for seven consecutive weeks, and each meeting will be approximately 90 minutes long.

The typical format will be:

  • Snacks and fellowship
  • A time to ask questions about Christianity
  • A brief talk or DVD lecture
  • A conversation about what we’ve just heard

We’d love to see you at the class! If you have any questions about the class please let us know. If you are ready to jump in, then please sign up today!