Mike Osborne – Pastor For Preaching And Vision


Mike moved to Delaware in 2007 and is one of the founding pastors of Trinity. On most Sunday mornings, you will hear Mike preaching the Word at Trinity. In addition to preaching, he provides leadership in discipleship and casting the vision of declaring and demonstrating the gospel. Mike also coaches soccer at Smyrna High School. He is married to Julie, and they have three girls: Hannah, Karalyn, and Abby.



Dan Lerro – Pastor For Teaching And Administration


Dan also moved to Delaware in 2007 as one of the founding pastors of Trinity. He serves Trinity through teaching in a variety of contexts, including the Community Training Seminars. Dan also leads our corporate worship on Sunday mornings, provides counseling, and gives oversight to various administrative issues. He is married to Lindsey, and they have 3 kids: Sofia, Danny, and Judah.



Fran Lerro – Pastor For Care


Fran moved from Syracuse, NY to Delaware in late 2009 and became an elder in 2010. He has nearly 30 years of ministry experience in the church. Fran provides care through discipleship, prayer, counseling, and leading his small group. He is married to JoAnn, and his one son Dan serves as a fellow pastor at Trinity.