Bible Intake

“But his delight is in the law of the LORD, and on his law he meditates day and night.” 

(Psalm 1:2)

Cultivate A Love For The Word

Jan 2, 2019 | Blog

The Word of God (the Bible) is precious to the followers of Jesus. However, it is easy for us to treat the Bible as though it were medicine. You take your medicine, which is often an unpleasant experience, and then you move on to your regular activities. The value of the medicine is simply in its’ ability to help you get to those other things. This is not to be the function of the Bible. We don’t hold our nose and swallow the Bible. The believer delights in God’s Word. We don’t take our dose of the Bible and then put it on the shelf. The believer meditates on the Word day and night. It’s not a cold, functional relationship that we have with the Word. The believer loves the Word.

If taking in the Word feels more like a chore than a delight… there is hope! Do not live in guilt or despair, instead commit yourself to cultivating a love for the Word. Love is a deep desire that we can’t just turn on and off, however, we can cultivate our loves. Through our habits and commitments we can feed the things that we wish to grow in our love for. Do you want to love the Word? Then immerse yourself in the Word.

This may seem counter-intuitive, but in order to reform what you want, you may need to commit yourself to practices that you don’t want.  Ask the Holy Spirit to reform your desires and commit yourself to the Word in faith. Build habits of taking in the Word. Open your Bible, even when you’re not feeling it. You’re not doing these things simply to check a box, you’re doing them to intentionally cultivate your loves. 

“We are creatures of habit… God knows this (since he created us), and thus our gracious, redeeming God meets us where we are by giving us Spirt-empowered, heart-calibrating, habit-forming practices to retrain our loves. (James K.A. Smith)


Here are some resources to help your build habits of Bible intake, and grow in your delight of the Word. 

Read Scripture App

The Bible Project has developed this app which combines a read the Bible in a year plan, their videos, and summaries of each book. This engaging app is great for young learners and those who are reading through the Bible for the first time.


When we memorize the Bible we’re giving ourselves the tools necessary to apply the truth to our daily lives. Perhaps you’ve found Bible memory to be difficult, listen to Anne share some encouragement in this area.  

"Let The Word Of Christ Dwell In You Richly..."

Colossians 3:16


Lots of people talk about the value of meditation, but what does it mean to meditate on the Bible?   

Take Notes

A journaling Bible gives you plenty of space to write notes, doodle, and highlight the text. The convenience of reading the Bible on a screen (your phone) is excellent, but a printed Bible where you can make notes provides a context for deep study. 

Crossway offers a variety of journaling Bibles. 

Just The Text

Reader’s Bible gives you an edition of the Bible with no verse breaks. You simply have large chunks of text. Chapter and verse divisions were not part of the original text, and reading the Bible without them helps you to connect thoughts and details together without being distracted by verse divisions. 

Music For The Kids!

Check out the Seeds Family Worship Youtube channel to listen to their songs that are taken straight from the Scriptures. 

Discipling Young Learners

Exploring The Bible is an engaging Bible reading plan for kids. Each day lists a passage to read and a question to answer. Your kids will also find a spot for prayer requests and sermon notes. Without a map, it’s easy to get lost. This resource provides a map for young learners. 

With Others

Reading the Bible with brothers and sisters is life-giving practice. this little book offers so much practical help for those looking to read the Bible together.