At Trinity Church we believe that men and women are created to know and show the greatness of God – the greatness of His wisdom, power, goodness, and love.  Yet, in one way or another, we have all rejected God’s greatness and sought to find such greatness in other people or places – often times we seek it in ourselves.  Such a choice results, as God said it would, in death.  Due to our rejection of God we now experience personal guilt and shame, brokenness in our relationships, futility in our vocations, and ultimately eternal death separated from God.

The good news, or as it’s best known – the Gospel – is that God did something about our rebellion.  When we weren’t seeking Him, He came looking for us by sending His Son Jesus Christ to earth.  Jesus was unique: as God’s Son He is fully divine, and through His birth He became human like us.  He did this so that He might rescue us from our sin, brokenness, and pending judgment.  That’s why He died on the cross – He took God’s curse for us.  The point of His resurrection was to show that He truly is God’s King who rules over all earthly powers, and He is the One who is renewing all of creation. Everyone who gives their allegiance to Jesus as their King receives forgiveness for all their sins, and they are renewed by the coming of His Spirit into their lives. Such people are restored to God’s creative purpose: they are able to truly know God’s greatness, and they are free to show it in all aspects of life.

This forms the foundation of the mission of Trinity Church:  We exist to glorify God together by declaring and demonstrating the gospel of Jesus Christ in the power of the Spirit.  Through the message of the gospel and the presence of Jesus’s Spirit, we desire to see men and women rescued from sin and its results, and then restored to God’s purpose of knowing and showing His greatness in every area of their lives.