2018 FCA PowerCamp Smyrna

FCA Powercamp Smyrna

  • July 23-26

  • Smyrna High School

Serve At Smyrna Power Camp

  • Available Positions

  • Help out with a specific sport during our camp practices. You don't need to be a professional, but some experience coaching is desired. You can serve as an assistant coach in one of the following sports.
  • Must be available 9am-3pm. You won't be working all day, but you must be present and available all day because campers visit the store at various points throughout the day. You'll be handing out candy and drinks to kids, so you'll be everyone's favorite!
  • Available throughout the day to treat minor injuries, cuts, etc... Must be a licensed professional.
  • A camp mom or dad is someone who provides support and encouragement to campers who need it. Perhaps someone is struggling with a game, injured, or feeling a little homesick. Camp moms and dads can jump in to help.
  • Food!

  • Approximately 11-1pm. Come help set up and serve lunch for our volunteer coaches.
  • There are approximately 50 student volunteers that serve at camp. We provide breakfast, as well as snacks and refreshments for these students. These student volunteers really appreciate your generosity. (You don't need to fill out the other FCA applications if you're only donating food.) Food drop-off will be at the start of camp week.
  • Donate Money

    If you are not able to drop of any food items, but would like to donate money to help out, please contact Dan Lerro (dlerrotrinity@gmail.com).

In addition to the Smyrna Powercamp form, FCA requires all volunteers who will be serving to fill out the two applications below.

In order to work with youth on behalf of FCA, you must complete the FCA Ministry Leader Application (MLA). After you complete step one above, use this link to fill out the MLA. If you have previously completed the Ministry Leader Application, after September 1, 2008, you do not need to complete another one. This MLA application must be reviewed and approved by FCA Staff before you can participate at Camp.