What are your sermons like?

We believe the Bible is God’s Word, so we seek to preach it faithfully. We typically work our way through a particular book of the Bible. Each sermon aims to be centered on Christ, and applicable for true life.  

How does one become a Christian?

We affirm the Bible’s teaching that no one seeks after God.  He is the One who comes looking for us!  Jesus says, “No one comes to Me unless My Father draws Him.”  The first step in becoming a Christian is to experience the Father’s drawing.  This happens through the preaching of the gospel.  A person must hear and believe the message that Jesus Christ, God’s Son, died on the cross to be their Savior and rose again to be their King.  In confessing Jesus as their Lord they are saved from their sin and its consequences and given eternal life in Jesus.

What about the Holy Spirit?

We believe that the Holy Spirit is alive and actively ministering in the life of the church. We are continuationists, meaning that we believe the gifts of the Spirit remain active today. 

What is your church leadership style?

Trinity Church is led by a group of elders who desires to serve the body through humble leadership. These elders are under-shepherds, given the fact that the true pastor and head of the church is Jesus himself. 

What do you teach about good works?

We believe that true faith will be evidenced through works. These works do not earn us any favor with God, however they are necessary in that they are the evidence of a heart that has been transformed by faith in Jesus’s death and resurrection. That being said, the Christian life is not about being moral.  It’s about becoming like Jesus. Therefore, the works that are done by a Christian must be motivated by consistent faith in Him and expressed in loving deeds to others. As the Apostle Paul puts it, “Faith working through love.” 

Are you part of a denomination?

At this point we are not part of a denomination. It is our desire to glorify God by cooperating with other churches that preach the gospel clearly.

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